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Transitional Kitchen Design Studio in Royal Oak, MI | Creating Fresh & Stylish Looks on a Daily Basis

Transitional Kitchen Design Ideas Royal Oak MI | Whiski Kitchen - Cookbook-on-IslandAre you searching for a warm, friendly, and experienced kitchen design team to help you take mealtime to the next level? Well, guess what? You found us!

Our expert design team has created some of Metro Detroit’s most talked-about kitchens, combining unique reclaimed materials, functional layouts, and classic looks that will get compliments from even your snobbiest neighbors.

At Whiski Kitchen, we have no shortage of transitional kitchen design ideas that you didn’t even know were possible, until now!

Transitional Kitchen Designs Typically Feature:

  • Shaker-style or simple profile kitchen cabinet doors
  • Stained and painted finishes on cabinet doors
  • Minimal ornamentation on crown molding (or no molding)
  • Lots of neutral colors
  • A mix of natural, reclaimed, and manufactured materials
  • Clean and angular lines
  • Industrial and modern lighting

Don’t get the wrong idea! Every kitchen design we provide is entirely custom to you. We won’t pin you down to any specific features or deliver a cookie-cutter kitchen design (but we’ll make sure there’s plenty of room for your cookie-cutter collection).

Our Featured Transitional Kitchen Design Projects

Black Velvet

With This Many Kitchen Design Options, You’re Going to Want Some Help

Isn’t it incredible how many different combinations of ingredients can come together – in just the right amounts – to make that perfect cocktail? A drink that you love so much that you order it every time you go out, even though there are hundreds of other options. Your kitchen is no different! There are countless materials, finishes, fixtures, layouts and other unique touches that can be combined to show off your style and tickle your taste buds. And, sometimes you need a little bit of professional help to find the right combination that you’ll want to live with for a lifetime.

Here, You’re Part of the Team

We want you to enjoy the kitchen design process as much as we do, and your participation is important to us. In fact, when you come to the Whiski Kitchen Design Studio, we consider you part of the team. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to develop a budget, get to know your taste, craft a layout, choose materials, and plan a timeline. This is more than just an opportunity to discover how funny and interesting we are; it ensures that you love your kitchen when it's finished!

It’s your home; we’re just here to make it everything it could be, and more. Let’s work together to create something stunning that you’re going to love for a lifetime.

Give us a call at (248) 629-0058 to schedule a design consultation at our showroom or to have a designer meet with you at your home. During the initial consultation, we will go over what you have in mind for your space, take measurements and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you!