Espresso Old Fashioned

Our most popular cabinet line, Legacy Crafted Cabinets, is a semi-custom cabinet maker in Pennsylvania.  We enjoy working with them because the price point is great, and we can send them a drawing of a cabinet and they almost always find a way to make it.  When designer Rebekah Tull submitted a custom request for a cabinet for this job, Rich at Legacy spit out his coffee.  This was his first request for a “cat cabinet.”  The homeowner had a golden retriever that liked to eat the cats food, so we had to come up with a unique solution for the cat food placement where the golden retriever couldn’t jump up and get to the cats food, but wasn’t up so high that the cat couldn’t jump up to get to his bowl.  After a few team brainstorming sessions and cat research this design was born.  And hey it works!!